Multiply and be fruitful spiritually and in daily life

Multiplication school - what you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others - 2Tim 2:2

Deepen Kingdom Living: Transform Your Family, Projects, and Spiritual Journey with Jesus.

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Join as Student

Join from your village or town as a group

  • Simple practical teachings

  • Weekly paper lessons

  • Available as audio teaching

Groups from Africa, Asia, America and Europe are welcome

Admission - Our values

Each student makes disciples and teaches the new lesson to another person.

  • Pay a small admission fee once.

  • Have a file and file the printed lessons.

  • Go evangelize at least one person each week.

  • Accountability in each group meeting.

  • Four generations emerge from a 2T22 group.

Live changing and practical lessons

We learn in home-based groups once or twice a week. The students themselves print out paper lessons and file lessons. Weekly online live teaching and audio files for simple phones are available.

Level 1 – Strong Basics of Faith

Level 2 – More Money through Projects

Level 3 – Supporting Children and Marriage

Level 4 - Leadership & Stewardship

In just 9 sentences - What is the school all about

  • As the name 2 Timothy 2:2 suggests, everything is geared towards multiplying the Kingdom of God.  

  • We support remote villages with teaching - often in cross-church groups - and establish house churches.  We do this in several countries in East Africa and Asia.

  • Each group gradually learns to run a project alongside the spiritual input. We teach them to listen to God's voice, to budget money using a 5-pot system and to plan a project. We have a wide variety of projects, from chickens to courgettes.

  • We want the Lordship of Jesus to improve the lives of the students both spiritually and in everyday life and see many people come to Jesus.

Each group has a project

The Kingdom of God in our daily life

LivingHauser has two arms to reach people with the love of God

  1. Tim22 bible school training supports existing churches

  2. LivingHauser oversees & multiplies a house church network

Multiplication, discipleship, the book of Acts, and accountability are key

  • We multiply 2Tim22 bible school groups through evangelism and discipleship. 2Tim22 helps existing churches to increase in numbers and depth of teaching. It brings unity to churches (e.g. one group has members of different denominations). Every 2T22 group has projects.

  • We start and multiply new Acts-like house churches with Luke 10 trips. Luke 10 tells us to just go with the little we have, to walk or get on a bus, find ONE HOUSE OF PEACE, pray for people, and to start a house church in this house. Every house church has a Kingdom project.

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